The Incredible Kids Circus is a circus arts program, put together by Larry Rundle that is more than just a school assembly show. He use circus workshops to teach students about performance art and circus skills to show that everyone is capable of more than they believe. In the Circus Extravaganza, a week long residency program, the entire student body is given an opportunity try out a wide range of low impact circus skills based on their age/grade and physical development. During the same week a select grade works all week long to put on their own circus show for the entire school. There is an option for an evening performance that can be opened to the community as well.

The Incredible Kids Circus does it all! Assembly shows, fundraiser shows, workshops, vacation camps, but our specialty is residency programs. We offer fun interactive programs that teach low impact circus skills in a positive and fun atmosphere. By using a variety of circus skills, everyone finds something to excel at and children learn that they can do things they never would have believed! This experience has been brought to countless schools with great success. With the right approach, students make discoveries that will stay with them for a lifetime. Setting out achievable goals and a positive attitude towards learning is at the heart of what we do!

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