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Whether it’s an introductory course, or a student circus residency we’ve got you covered! Circus workshops are entertaining, fun and excites kids’ eagerness to learn. There are three basic programs that we commonly offer:

  • Circus 101!: Have Larry perform an exciting fun filled show followed by a day filled with of hands on workshops. It‘s interactive fun that’s absolutely wonderful for schools and camps. Have a large population? Larry can do multiple days to be sure one and all get an opportunity to try out age appropriate skills for a reasonable price.
  • Circus week!: Have Larry Come to your school or camp for a week long residency where kids get multiple opportunities to learn circus skills. Into workshops will start with basics and the fun and challenges grow from there! Students will learn various juggling and circus skills as well as stilt walking and an intro to low impact partner acrobatics. focus is on goal setting and exploring how we learn!
  • Circus extravaganza!: Two artists will come to your school or camp for 1 to 2 weeks! While giving intro workshops to all ages, artists will also work with a select group daily to put on their own circus show at the culmination of the program. This course introduces more advanced skills to the targeted group including balance props and clowning. This is truly an outstanding program!