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goodhead-webIn 2002, Larry began teaching and directing circus programs for elementary school students with The National Circus Project, a long Island based company where he performed and taught circus at hundreds of schools over a span of 5 years throughout New York, Massachusetts New Jersey and Pennsylvania and then went on to produce his own program, called the Incredible Kids circus which he does till this day throughout New York, new England and beyond. With over a decade of teaching experience, Larry has the experience to teach all age ranges appropriate low impact circus skills that are exciting and fun for everyone.

Larry Rundle has more than 15 years of experience providing comedy, spectacle and intrigue to events throughout the US and beyond. Featuring both staged and street show performances, his Vaudevillian act, combining classic and modern styles, has entertained countless crowds.

Recent performance highlights include a 4 year contract with Six Flags Great Escape, in Lake George, NY, where he produced 4 different magic shows an ever expanding sideshow act, themed for different days and western themed juggling and magic shows.

Through the years, Larry has taken workshops and trained with some of the biggest names in the variety arts community, including leading figures from The Big Apple Circus, the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Clown School, the San Francisco Circus School, Cirque Du Soleil and countless other top quality performers and organizations. These influences shape and inspire Larry’s performances as well as his teaching!

To learn more about his performance, check out www.incrediblelarry.com